With recently their forged partnership, Serax and Rosenthal Sambonet USA are beginning to show the North American hospitality sector that great design and hospitality tabletop are not mutually exclusive.

Collaborating with an extensive list of world-class designers such as Piet Boon, Paola Navone, Gemma Bernal, Pieter Stockmans, Anita Le Grelle and many, many more, Serax tabletop combines the DNA element of design into their products along with the characteristics of approachability and functionality. Serax has even enlisted the creative talents of Michelin-starred chef Sergio Herman to create a total tabletop collection called SURFACE. Enlivening the senses and changing the guest dining experience is what Serax tabletop is all about. More and more, the world’s creative chefs are finding this out as they look to differentiate their restaurants and menus.

Set up in 1986, Serax formed the basis of a significant (r)evolution in the floristry sector. Designs created by Belgian and international designers emerged and changed this sector forever. This ambition continues to define Serax’s reason for being, except that the playing field has expanded. Decorative objects, tableware collections and small furniture articles have been added to the collection, while never losing sight of the core philosophy of accessibility, quality, design.

Terres de Rêves, is the first collection for Serax from the talented Anita Le Grelle.

Today, Serax serves as a design platform, where synergies are created between Belgian and international designers. Serax always retains its ambition of offering its customers accessible, high-quality and functional design.

Today, their collection of over 4000 items reflects the key values of Serax: renewing and accessible design. To ensure renewal and creativity, Serax collaborates with leading designers from their Belgian home and abroad. With their elaborate collection tableware lines, Serax has set themselves, in just a few years, up as trendsetters in the hospitality sector.

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