RAK Porcelain

RAK Porcelain 

Delivering a vision into reality has been the success story behind RAK PORCELAIN growing into one of the leading manufacturers of Porcelain tableware in the world. Spread over an area of 65,000sqm with a production capacity of 28 million pieces per annum, RAK PORCELAIN is where technology, creativity, designs and quality is at its best.

Today RAK PORCELAIN is proud to associate with over 20,000 star Hotels Worldwide. RAK PORCELAIN offers a superior quality product with a vast array of shapes designed by leading Tableware designers for the Hotels, Restaurant and Hospitality segment at a value for money proportion. With a passion for excellence and a commitment to constantly serve the best product that meets the needs and demands of the HORECA industry in terms of design, quality and practicality of use in a fast paced and tough environment.

Our strength is our representation, through our well established distribution network in over 135 countries; a strong presence in all five continents, that makes us easily available at your call. With an eye for detail and with our commitment to serve you the best, we would continue to improvise, excel and challenge our own quality goals to ensure that RAK Porcelain is the preferred choice of Porcelain tableware world over.

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